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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  June 21, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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$0.4 or aving people's jobs. >> the bottle tax has another chancc of passing. the ffnal vote to ould boost the cost of your next soda. beat tte heat. how you can catch a break from the scorching temperatures. thinking you're -- i have bben working on it. >> beat the heat indoors. the movies you can watch in the comfort of your own hhme innthe low down. p>> good morningment it'!!good .
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%-you're takinn a life lock at ú northbound, shutdoon accoss all lanne that is of course going to make for a tricky morning commute for many people. there was a fatal accident there morning that is still being cleaned up and investigated. we're going to get much more on that in a few minutes. i'm good morning, i'm patrice harris. the heat.o going to get more on you felt it all weekend, will it continue? meteorologist steve fertig ii here with a look at the forecast. not any let up in sight. we are going to be in the 90s >> wow, all week? >> yeah. >> and mayye much of next week, too..33 the heat is with us. the humidity we get a little bit of a reak today because we get more of a northwesterly flow wwich will make it more comfortable but the humidity returns. 77 is the temperature right now in baltimorr. 67 in hagerstown and 7!70 so soe of the surrounding areas more tolerable.
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this afternoon we're all going to be near 90 degreesful dry condition degrees withhdrycondi. it won't bring us anything in the way of rain but tomorrow as the humidity increases, we see a thunderstorm later in the day. sunny and hot today but less continuing heatwave all week long and hottand humid. with the thunderstorms and we will get more details f the timing of those in just a bit. right now candace dolddhas the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve.3 the big story rrght now is the jfx. it's because of appear accident on the northbound lanes between fayette street and northhavenue we can show you what the area looks like. you're taking a live look. we do have the two police cars there completely shutting down the corridor. as a result of this, want to use charles street instead this morning. now once you get farther up, and you finally approach the beltway, things look much better. taking the outer loop lanes from 83 up towwrd 795, 8 minutes,
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54 miles per houu, from 795 to 95, 8 minutes at 55 miles per hour. we are in he clear from beltway toward howard county, 10 minutes at 63 miles per hour. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back over to you. welcome to summer. ornnng news. -esterday was he first code red day forrthe city aan today could %--oel d smith is live downtown with the city's plans for keeping people safe and cool today and that is going to be hard because it's gging to be hot. good morning, joel..3 >> reporterr and hot for a long time, too. everyone is watching the -eather, watching the weather forecast and not liking what they''e heering. officially summer begins today. 7:28 toobe he ca act, exact. we're getting close but over the weekend it feet that way already. we're talking about the center for senior citizens, one of those cooling locations that could be open laterr
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these cooling ocation right side not just for comfort but safety. cooling summers like these open, part of the code red program, back in 2005, and 2006, 35 city residents diid of heat related causes. since the program began, people3 are beating the heat in places like thesee taking ii the air-conditioning, all that water and only 6 related deaths since the code red began, none last year. you got to ddink the extra water, and wear the light clothing and keee the activities outdooos as low as possible..3 >> we want to help out seniors aad vulnerable population who i3 most at risk duuing the heat. iiurge everyone to take this hot ú%ather seriously. >> bottled water, fresh air, cool air, friendly peeple, yes, >> reporter: he loves the cooling centers, right? yesterday was he first code red
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heat alert day in baltimore3 city. 5 cooling summer ccnters were ot the of the day. %-city's code red status by calling 311 for a list of cooling centers, you can log on to your seeb !! foxbaltimore.cos links. what does code red mean, we will %-hour, what code reddis todaa. usualll at 6:00 is when we make that decision. as of yyt we don't haveeit yet. we will get it to you quickly, find out where the cooliin centers arr. back to you. >joel, thank you so much. gooo place to be today. you need air nd water, thank >> reporter: yep. we want to know about you, how are you going to beat the heat today. %-we will take the alls in the 7:00 hour. with you go to and telllus what ou think or ssund off through face bach or sen-- facebook or sound off or d uu a tweet.
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many commuters willlhave to work. part of 83 as been hutdown for hours noo following a fatal accident. ú% talked about it earlier this morning but here again is a live look. the northbound sppn of the highway is closed between fayette street and north avenue. fire officials say an accident ú%ok place on the jfx at 1:00 this morning near calvert street but crews are stillúú%cl. at this point, there's no word on what time the lanes might reopen. a deadly weekend in baatimore, continues overnight. one man is dead after gunfire rips through southeast baltimore. it happened around 2:30. so far there's no word on aúú%%e murder. the investigation is ongoing. now since saturday, 12 people have been ssot in thee3 incidents..3 one of the shooting shootings te last night at south fulton
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avenue. the shootings were scattered all over the city. so far none of the incidents appear to be related. in 1 of the incidents four people were shot in northeast baltimore. it happened saturday night after 10:00 attnorth mon ford avenue.ú the victims were hit in the arms and legs, everyone survived. shots. >> anicked..3% panic-stricken. i have grandchildrrn and children up and down thh street. >> now in all three of the shootings this weekend werr deadly. along with this morning's fatal shooting marc martel turner wast on saturday night. a 12-year-old was shot on saturday in northwess baltimore ú%d died yesterday at the ú%spital. the husband of a woman shotú and killed by police ssy the police used excessive force.3
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dean perkins says his wife's death could havv been avoided. last thursday policc were called to the home for a domestic she pulled a gun at the police and she disappeared inttothe3 house. police set up a barricade. five hours later they went into the home and found her body. perperkins told police at the s3 that his wife was armed and drunk. the incident rrmains under investigation. the sttte rooper killed and outside of an apple' applebee's restaurant was laid to rest over the eekend. huudreds of officersssaluted wesleyybrown.ú brown was shot after escorted williamssout of a appl applebees restaurant for being rowdy. williams and martin shot the
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booh are now charged in his death. on sattrday, family and friends -elebrated trooper brown's life for all he did as a state trroperr >> i thank god for sending me my knight in shining or. if you gone, it's like a piece of my heart is missing. >> brown was just 24 years old.3 onths of lobbying and protesting have all come down to ú%tte baltimore city council wil take a final vote on next year'' budget later today. all year, mayor sant stephanie3 rawwiigs-blake aad city councilmembers have been trying to determiie how to cct down a $121 million budget deficit. several taxes and fees have been passed including parking taxxs, an increase in the energy tax that ccty, bbsinesses and charities pay. and a tax on outdoor aavertising and tellcommunications, but even with all of those increases, the
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they will consider another bills in today's meeting. 111 o!ne of those potential mony makers is still on the table. thh city council is expectee to revisit the soda tax, and have a final vote today. business owners worry that the -ax will drive people out of the city.3 that's a risk that theyyhave to take. >> these are real jobs and these are real services that arr attached to these jobs. >> the naacp is now supporting the ttx for health reaaons hoping it might discourage kids from drinking too much soda. the bottle tax couldd!! would ny to milk or juice. stay tuned to fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of this story. we will talkkto city council3 mary at clark about what still needs to be done in the finaa budget tonight.
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ttat's coming up later this hour. ú%> well, stilllahead, learn the tricks of the trade. how your kids can leaan to play basketball from a foomer golden glooe strout ter..3 tha!!-- trotter, that coming up. p>> we started with temperatures in the 70s alreedy and warming up
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good morning,. -pp>> good morning, missspattic. >>have you been? >> i'm doing well. ú%u have been doing this camp for a while. >> ttis is ur 5th year the we're celebrating our 5th -nniversary of the camp. -s you ccn see, i'mmexcited. it's 6:00 in the orning and all the kids are in here and they're excited and we're ready to have 5 good weekk of basketball good skills and leadership program. >> obviously, they're leerning basketball skills, we see the skills but when you tall about3 life scielz skills what do you . >> you have to e able to to be a good human being and a good first of all e need to make sure that the kids haae a great character and can deal wiih conflict resolution, and know how to respect people and know -ow to show love and have able to sa decre!!! sacrifice ae
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new answernuances of being a gon being. >> you're goin!!they're going g from you and all of the coaches. you are a former golden glooe strout ter. are yo!!globetrotter. are you going tooteach them some tricks. >> they will learn fancy stuff. >> you know some globetrotter tricks as well. >> i ave attempted them. i don't know if i know them. i have never astered hem. we will call on you in a little bit. >> the camp starts today and runs through july 21st. depending on week the camp is being held at new town high school. you an register online if you need more information, log on to watching that makes mm want to lace them up, but indoors air-conditioning environmeet
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because t's going to be too hot for exhaustive action tive. >> as the >> you can see the dry scan, depend, plenty of sunshine, part llad cluey skie cloudy skies wia 77-degree temperature. and the umidity is at 60%. pressure at 30.02 and rising..3 climbing a whole lot more for tomorrow. right now temperatures at 15 degree77 degrees in baltimor. cooler 61 in oakland. the frontal boundarr is going t3 push throughhbut wittout any moisture. we're dealing with the northerl3 keep us dry without thh humidity being much of a factor. tomorrow much of the moisture anddresult with the heat and
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humiiity with a chance of showers espeeially into the afternoon for the western counties..3 later, late afternoon or evening or niihttime for rest of uu, you can see here 8:000p.m. and anticipattng strength thhreafter. we will be in the warm seccor or warm, moist sector of air. and the heat continues all eek longg take a look at the temperature we're expeccing to get for the eastern shore. the northhrly flow is going to keeppus feelinn a littll bit more comfortable than it will be tomorrow and then the rest of the week. 92 degrees for the central part of the tate with plenty of maryland getting into the 90s, 91 degrees with plenty of sunnas well. 86 degrees by noon. getting into the low 90s by 3 to 5::0. 88 degrees at 6:00 p.m. with a fewwmore clouds. a code orange aii quality today %-being elevated.he ozone levels a mild night, winds out of the3 northwest to the southwestt too.
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a chanceeof a thunderstorm but just a 30% chance. a high of 94, could be a degree or two higher in places. thunderstorm and weedry out fora friday but a high of 90 degrees. the 90s continuing and droo below he 90s, 90 deggeessfor the sunday. fox 45 sky watch weather is available at your finger tips..3 iraaar ii available watt aa the interactive tools let you know when rain or thunderstorms will be over your house. go to and click on iradar. now candace dood s back with a -> reporter: we're checking out numbers as far as the actual speeds are concerned. right ow we're looking those numbers. 65 milee ppr hour on the beltway traveling through pikesville. 62 near security boulevard and 59 ttaveling throuuh catonsville. theee's howweer, bii time and we cannshow exactly what the area looks like.
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it's a crash on the northboundú lanes. you can see the police officers there completely shutting down the northbound stretch right avenue. street as the alternate route. we will have police activity in the area. that completely shuts down madison street. it's going to be the better option if you're traveling through that part of town. as far as the main lines, let's isn't anything o talk about there except the beautiful picture on the southbouud lanns %nd the northbound stretch -artter up in baltimore county in faat, there's a truck fire on the northbound lanes that is
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@>@>de as bp tries to capture more
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of the oil that is flowing into the gulf of mexico. one connressman says he is troublee by a document from the company.ú nicole collins hhs more on why itts causing so muuh connroversy and how bp is now firing back. >> reportee: the latest government estimates show as many as 60,000 barrels of oil maa be gushing into the gulf of mexico day. >> never again will we trust >> repooter: now they hhvve3 released an internal bp document company believed that ii a worst ú%se scenario, tel, the well cod hehemorrhage more oil a day. they didn't do enough toú anticipate the catastrophicú
6:23 am
liaaiilty. >> reporter: but a spokesman from bp shht back. saying the worst case scenario estimate is irrelevant because in order ffr it to happen, thh oil well wouud thiede to be removed -- woull need to be removed and the company has no intention of doing that. some companies are slamming president obama's 6 month moratorium on deep water the government has no evidenne that existing operationsspose a threat. someelawmakers are against he temporary bbn. louusiana senator mary landrieu says she has asked the presideet to shortennit. otherwise the economic desaster may be greater than the ú%vironmental disaster. >> reporter: oil service companies flamed a named as a f won a court ordee. the temporary ban is necessary %-issues. safety anddregulation in ashington, i'm nicole
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collins. coming up next hold on to yourrhats. what is making a come back for 6 flags starting today that could make you some money. i think i can ring a ffesh press tech i have to h
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>>stocks finished p the week is positive territory and on the quadruple witching day. the dow gained 16 points to close at 0,450. the nasdaq and s&p 00 ended ú%'s tony hayward will keep his position at as the toppposition
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in the gulf. moody has dow downgraaed the company. bp stocks has plunged 47% since the oil rig explosion. roller coasters are back on the market at 6 lags anyway. the stocks onnavailableefor trading on mmnday..3 six flags has been off the oil stocks exchange since it -eclared bankruptcy last year but it has since come out of red. for business brief, i'm stann3 case. coming up, down but not out. how the proposed baltimore city bottle tax could still be passed tonight. i'm joel d smith, live at
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ú%6:30 is the time..3 downtown where the temperatures are going too eet up today. first full day of summer, the official start to summer. good morning, i'm patrice harris. let's he get a chec getta ch meteorologist steve fertig. he can tell ussabout the official start of suumer. >> you ure you wann to know it. ú% e have felt it alllweekend. >> the humidity will drop a little bit.3 you will get intt the 90s, but when you have dew points in tte 60s it makes it more
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tolerable. by tomorrow things will change. right now the tempeeature is at 77 and 78 degrees at d.c. 68 degrees innsalisbury and 70 at hagerstown. looking at a dryystart to the dayyand that is the way things will be all daa. with the northerly flow it wwll stay dry but definitely hot. less humid todayythan it will be, however, expect the temperatures to even feee much hotter as we get into the climb quite a bit and tonight,ú we are looking at emperatures will feel pretty good overnight in comparison, but again, those utility bills, they're going to beetaking a cllm ccimb for the t severalldays. let's see what is happening on the roadways with ccndace dold. the jfx this morning..3news onc we want to show you what the area looks like on the -orthbound lanes, between fayette street and norrh avenue. you can seeetwo police ooficers thereecompletely shutting down aal traffic on the stretch. you want to use charles street as the alternate route.
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now, we are however, doing much better on other main lines. southbound 895, right now from the harbor tunnel toward 95, minute nine at 5 miles per hour. southbound 895 is looking good. and a nice and calm 62 miles per hoor wiih a 10-minuteestretch on 95 from the belltay town toward route 32. that's a look at your morning travels. 32 now on fox 45 orningúú% news. today is the official beginning of summer, but from the week, the heat doesn't lookkat the caller tha!!callndar. yesterday was the first code ed for the city and today could be just as hot. cooling center at the city with what it looks liie this. a coollng center looks in handy >> reporter: enjoy the spring hour left.
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officially the summer begins at ú%28. we will be approaching that. over the wwekend it didn't matter what the ca calendar say. it's very, vvrr hot. the wwx ccnter could be an important place to start. different pllces across the city could be the cooling center and remember they're ot just for ú%mfort, they're for safety. the idda goo p and running with the cooe red program and like the situation you see here in the video. down being inside and having the water. 2005 nd 2006, thhs program wasn't up and running well, so 35 city residentt did die f heat related causes..3 since it began, only six more heat related deaahs and none last yearr that is best news of all. we reviewed it all today but drink tte extta water,,wear the out for each other because a lot %-there are staffing situations. going on with the budget. extra medics areearound, withh3
6:34 am
the cooling, it cost city money but the city ssys safety comes first, they will deal with the budget implications llter. >> it's the little things. eye and theeextra care. we wwll pull through he summer together. >> reporter: yesterday was the first code red heat alert3 day in baltimore city.3 5 cooling centers wereeopen for most of the day. up to 11 could be open today for the code rd day. you can find out more about the red code status by calling 311. for the cooling centers log on tt links. we are hoping to find out within interviews later on whaa code in the heat. ways to eep cool live downtown, ox 45 morning news. we want to know how are you going to beattthe heat today itts the question of the day. we will take the calls at theú
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-:00 hour. you can go to ask tell us what you think. sound off on facebook or send us ú%tweet at fox baltimore. -p a deadly weekend in baltimore continues overnight. one an is dead after gunfire rips through southeast baltimore. it happened around 2:30 this morning on northeast avenue, near injured street. so far there's no word on a suspect or motive in that murder. the investigation is ongoing. ú%> since saturday, 12 people have been shot in the city in nine different incidents. avenue, ut this map here shows you that the shootings wwre pretty much scattered all over the city. police ay so far, none of the incidents ppear to be related. months of lobbying and protestiig haae all come down to this. the baltimore city council will take a final vote on next year's budgetttoday. all yyar mayor steehanie rawlings-blake and city councilmembers have been trying to etermine how to cut down a
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$121 million budget deffcit. sevvral tax ann fee increeses have been passed including parking taxes and a increase in resiients and businesses have to pay. a new taxxon out door advertising and telleommunicatiins but even with all of those increases job cuts are inevitable. %-to close the city's budget gap at today's meeting. one of though potential money makers for the ccty that ú% on the ttble, he bottle tax. the tax failed in a vote last week but city councilmembers have expected toorevisii the issue for a final vote todays if passed items like soda and beer would be taxed an extra 4 cents. it's a risk the mayor thinks that has to be taken in order to save on jobs. >> this is a real budget deficit, a real gap that needs to be filled. these are real jobs and these
6:37 am
attached to these jobs.are the tax for health reasons. discourage kkds from rinking too much soda. the bottle tax would not apply to milk or juice. if you can do the job, age shouldn't matter. that's what a recent high sshool ú%aduate in florida has. reynaado has only been old enoogh to vott the last year but council.s running for the city seat teeporarily until the election but was denied. that is when he decided to run for the week long-term. >> the week i start college ii the week of the primary election. ss it will be a little stressful had a.think i can conditional >> he first got involved in politics when he was 14 by speaking out against a controversial project. ever ssnce then he has been a regular at citt council meetinns. he says he has alreadd started fundraising and willlstart campaigning soon.
6:38 am
coming up the bottle tax failed last week but the vote tonighttthat could still send it thhough on to baltimore residents. and we are ttlling about the jfx this morning, there aren'tt3 any cars travellng on a part of completell shuts down paat of the it in the northbound direction. we''e taking a live look at all i will fill you in on the details and the best the first time that i saw a sporting event on fios, in high definition... see detail that you didn't even know was there!
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ook at this, severe weather hits montana and it's all caught %-look at this incredible videof ú%tornado. youucan see the twister is picking up debris,,flying everywhere. it was all captured on tape by a couple under where the funnel cloud began forming. the cloud tore through businesses in that area. that's ncredible. of the wizard of oz. that was the roof of a sports complex ttat was totally ú%stroyed. i mean -- it was coming at them. >> and to be hat couple in the car, a little scary. >> i watched the rest offthat video because we can't even air because of sometime language she used. >> i bet. she realized the last second we got to get out of here which
6:41 am
was probably a good move? nothing like that occurring lookknggppetty good at thisscan hour. we will continue to look okay as far as any possibility of showers not seeing today but tomorrow different story. 77 degrees partly cloudy, winds out of the northwest at 5-10 miles per hour. the dtoday it stays in the low s so ittwon't be as uncomfortable as t will be, but it will still be hoo today. 76 in baltimore, up in hagerstown 70 and a cooler 61 at oakland. you see the frontal boundaay3 moving through without the moisture in place. it's not going to be as humid as it will be. weehave theenorthwesterly flow and as we get the arm front pushing in, we get the warm moist air coming from the south. that will set the stage forr3 possibility of showers tomorrow and thunderrtorms in the
6:42 am
afternoon, a 30% chance but the best chance will be in tte afternoon or nighttiie as you see here, 8:00 indicated on the future scan model. we may see more of the same because we will still have the wwrm moiss air in place throughout the entire week ahead. 88 degrres for the eastern -hore. the coolest part hich is not very cool for theeeastern shore. we should et up to 92 egrees today, probably around 3 to 9:00 p.m., northwest winds at 5-10, the northwesttrly flow is going to keep the humidity from making it as ppressive from th3 week. plenty oo sunshineerest part of and early into the afternoon. getting to the high of 92 at 3 to 5:00 and dropping back to 88 degrees by 6:00 p.m. because the heat we have elevated levels of ozone, code orange. it eans that those with ressiratory should avoid spending extra time outside.
6:43 am
partly cloudy and tomorrow 92 degrees the thunderstorm chance in the afternoon, more of the same for wednesday and thursday. could be 95 orr96 by midweek. partly cloudy to most low sunny ú% friday, 89 and 90 for the weekend with partly cloudy skies. fox 45 sky watch weether is avaalable at your finger tips. att3 you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track incoming stormss the interactive tools will let you know when rrin or ttunderstorms will be over your3 house. go to and click on iradar now candace dold will be here with another look at the traffic edge. cap das. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we don't exactlyyhave numbers3 that are that high out there as far as the roadways are connerned. in fact, they're starting to decrease pretty quickly;;3 18 miles per hour n 95, that ii mmving through whitemmrsh. the beltway, look at that, at 47 miles pee hour near libbe liy road.
6:44 am
we need to talk aboot tte jfx because of an accident inveetigation. llt's take a live look throuuh the area aad see what is happening. you don't see any cars because fayette and maryland avenue. ú%u will want to use carrolll3 street as the alternate viewt. route. that shuts down madisonnstreet anderson. so or lean street is the better option there. scooting through the fort mack helmchenry tunnel, we haven't ha anything to get n your waa. thatts a look at the morning travels, patrice, back over to you. thank you, candacee ú%> coming up grab a mmvii for the week ahead. what do you think you're doing here. >> your reservations are. >> the newwmovies hitting dvd shelves this week. next balancing the budget. how the city ú
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ú%> new this morning, firefighters in arizona are %-hundreds of people were frced into shelters trying to outrun a wildfire. it's the second wildfireein two days. air tankers and fire fighting helicopters were called in to help fireproof attling on the ground. police have arreeted a califfrnia man for starting the ú%re for leaving hot coals atta camp site. continue to drill relief wells to stop the oil leak in he gulf of mexico. meanwhile, one congressman says he inside information on how bad bp preddcts he oil spill could become. representative ed marky of massschusstts claims that he has a bp document that says hat the worst case scenario of the oil
6:48 am
gushing into tte gulf could be 100,000 barrels a day. bp has changed its estimate of how muchhoil could be gushing out several times. thht is more than 4 million gallons. for months councilmembers %-a $120 million hole throughill cuts, through programs and new taxes and fees. still, as of today, several city workers stand to lose their jobs because theemoney just isn't one last hope to save those jobs is a 4-cent tax on bottle beverages. defeated last week but if just one councilmember changes sides, it could be votee on again today. mary pat cark joins us to see -i hat could happen, and how -lose they are to balancing the budget. >> that bottle tax s going to come ack up today.
6:49 am
-p>> possibly. >> it only comes up if one person who voted against it moves for reconsideration. >> it's a hard it's a hard one. you know, to change your vote. right. >> you have to have thought thhough and come to a conclusion that it's better to provide thh funding for these serviccs than to hold out. but i have no indiiation that is going to happen. i'm hoping. >> june 33th is the deadline to hhve the budget resolved. >> yeah. >>but today is the last council meeting. >> so you're hoping to have >> how likely is that and what ssill eeds to bb done. >> it's a loog night. tonight is the night that we close the budget. to do thattwe have to work with the board of estimates so the city council comes to a vote on the budget which -- which we''e getting tt.
6:50 am
we go to the board of estimates, they say, okay..3 the revenues rom the tax break equal the expenditures. if theyydon't, ten we havv to cut ssme things out the budget to make it balance to come back and aaprove it. >> how close are we to filling tte $110 million deficit. have we done enough cuts and enough increases to fill that?3 >> well, we will find out this evening when we go to the board of estimates, but one of the problems is the ack of the $11.5 million coming from the bottle tax. >> so where will that come from now? >> it will come from cuttinggtte service its would have provided like the graffiti removvl service, cleaning our waterways, street sweeping, basically -chool base health centers six of them. basically, we just won't put those into the budget, therefore, we will have aú
6:51 am
balanced budget but it will lack a lot of services that i think are crucial including we cut out one of these rotating fire closures as well n the bottle bill. that will stay in effect. >> ww will have to heck this tomorrow just to see what was revolved. to be a long night >> we appreciate you coming in this morning. >> it's a pleasure.ú thank you so much. >> thank you. >> when those stressful daysú lead to sleepless nights, millions of people are turning to aabient. cover story, jeff able isht's showing us why the popular pill is causing real problems. >> reporrer:: for millionssof people there's no real side effeets but for others ambient may be the source of bizarre behavior. it causes users to sleep walk and sleep talk.
6:52 am
one user drank a bottle of pure grain alcohol in the middle of the night and never even knew >> it's not like you're slurring your words or acting under the influence, but when the consequences are real though. >> reporter: ambient zombies, that'' tonight's cover stories on the news at 10:00. cominn up in our 7:00, with a high in the mid-90s, you may want to stay inside today, but that is not the only reason. what you may be breathing in the avoid. and nnxt grab a movieeforú the week. the best new l@
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with the opening at toy story 3, it was all about the kids at the threar threaters tht weekend. if you're looking for a mooie that is more adult. candace dold has the low down. reporter: the new dvds feature everything from action to comedy. we begin with the thrillee green zone. >> general, i'm a an officer with the army. >> reporter: matt mo damon is reporting for duty. goes unddrrover to find weaaons of mass destruction. >> what do you think you're p> i came here to find weapons and save lives. >> reporter: the movie was fiimmd mostly in morocco and the caat included real iraq veterans who worked with the film makers to make it as real as possible.
6:56 am
green zone is rated r. ww'rr lightening things up with the next pick. thh comedy "she s out of my league." -he movie features kirk an average joe who is out of his luck. >> i went out on four different ú%ys. >> reporter: but things change when he meets mollie the >> my name is mollie. >> i remember you very well. >> reporter: ffnd out if he can keep hhr when the movie is released to dvd and blu-ray tomorrow. she is ut of my league is rate3 r. the new ttilight movie won't be on the big screen until next week but robert ans can get their relief tomorrow. the drama called remember me. i'm working on the forever he plays a student who is life and family. -p you cannalso checkkout the
6:57 am
resort classic musical drama a star is born. it's about the marriage of an entertainer whose career is the rise while her husband's career is in decline. it will be available on blu-ray tommrrow. i'm candace dold and that's the low down. all right, candace, thank you. coming up in the 7:00 hour, bp fires back. the document that is causing more connrrversy for the oil giant. and elcome to summer! yes, in just half an hour summer officially begins. i'm joel d smiih live downtown centert could be a cooling subway now has breakfast! your... better breakfast. however you want it! [ male announcer ] spread the word -- subway now has breakfast! get the deliciousness just the way you want it, like the subway western egg white muffin melt. build your better breakfast at subway. ú%
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7:00 am
a violent weekend in baltimore, how many shoottngs rang out and which ones were in your neighborhood. -p a new document on bp causs outrage at capitol hill. what it says on the oil leak that has lawmakers up in arms. and beats the heat. how you can catch a break from the scorchinggtemperatures. p>> gooddmornnngg it's monday, june 21ss. and thattshot righttthere says ittall. the sun is shining and it's
7:01 am
going to be shining really brightly and really hot throughoot th-- hotlythroughout. is that a word? >> it is now. >> hotly. weecan make up words. it's summer. fertig before i make up moreteve stuff. >> it's going to be hot. >> the sun has already fried my brain. >> it''s ot going to feel as hot as it will the resttof the weekú the humidity won't be as bad as it will the rest of the week. >> it's okay to be hot beeause this is the first day of the summer in a half an hour. >> 92 is where we're headed. 78 degrees at baltimore alreadyú at this hour. it's only 7:00 and we're at 78. and 71 in salisbury, 72 in hagerstown, oakland cooler at 63. dry conditionssrighh now, we're looking forward to a sunny day at least, but with the sunshine
7:02 am
flow, though is goinggto keep us at least for now feeliig a little bit more ccmfortable with less humiddty. 86 by noon, nevertheless, still -ery hot day getting up to 92 degrees for a high at 3-5 and 86 degrees at 6:000p.m. wwth mostly clear to partly cloudy skies then. all right, let's see what is happeninggon the roadways with candace dold. she has the traffic edge. candace, how are you we looking out there. >> eporter: we haaeerelief to talk about now and that is because we finally cleared ouu an accident from the northbound lanes of 83 at fayetteestreet. all lanes were completely shutdown, but now they're open, so you can get by the on the corridor. as for 83, further up, let's check it out moving at baltimore %-easy drive and beautiful picte beltway.nd lanes toward the the beltway the volume is %-9 minutes attguy miles per ho. -- 50 miles per hour. look at this number, a 19-minute drive from 795 toward 95.
7:03 am
ú%en, we're in the green gain county from the beltway downrd toward route 32, 10 minutes at 53 miles per hour. that's a look at your morning travels, patrice, back over >70 twok enclos7:02 on fox 4. ú%> welcome to summer. yesterday was the ffrst code red for the city and today could be another one. joel d smith is live doontown with the city's plans for ú%eping people safe and cool. >> reporter: alllright, officiilly, less than a half an hour away and enjoy spring, summer is on the way, 7:28 to be exact. yesterday the first code day of the year for baltimore. could it be another day like here with details is ann, not quite as hot i guess that is the reason why. >> correct. it's going to be roughly 90 but the humidity is going to be a ú%ttle it lower and a little bit more comfortable. yesterday indeed we had a high
7:04 am
temp, high humidity and a lot oo outdoor activity so that clearly was a day that did qualify. >> rrporter: a lot of people taking advantage of that. do you have an estimate on the real hot days how many people use the code red situation and try to come the summers. >> they're highhy utiliieddsince we starttd in '07, we have only had six deaths, prior to thht time we had 35 between '05 and '06. cllarly they have impacted on people tend to use the cooling3 centers that are the accion centers and the unit centers as are throughout the city. examine go on our website at to finddout more about the cooling ssmmers and the situation, dial 311 to find out which days are the code red days. whaa kind of hhat related problemsscan people expect they
7:05 am
don't get to a cooling center or looking out for their lovee >> we are concerned about heat heat exhaustion can be qualified by heating and a dry flush kin -nd the presence of a higg temp. if that happens, you want to get your loved ones to healthcare or call 911 and they will assist you in that regard. >> reporter: very good. good information there. folks, not officially a code red center today. the cooling centers won't beú a llt one.3 we're live at ddwntown, joel d smith, fox 45 mooning neww. we want to knoo how you will beat the heat today? we will take your calls later this hour. go to facebook page or send us a tweet at fox baltimore. a deadly weekend at baltimore cootinues overnightt one man is dead as gunfire rips it happened at 1:30, there's no
7:06 am
word on aasuspect or a motive in the murder at this time. an investigatton is ongoing. since saturday 12 people have been shot in the city in nine different incidents. one of thhse shootings took place late last night on south fulton avenue. this map hows you the shootings were scattered all over the city. police say so far none of the incidents appear to be related. nearly 1,000 fuuitives in themselves in over the weekend and as a result they faced fewer consequences.3 people wanted for minor crimms like small drug possessionn and minor offenses had the opporttnity to turn themselves ú%ve surrender program.ugue hire people whoturned them in got many of them did not get jail
7:07 am
it. you're going to go take care oo this. there's nn thinking about it. >> for more than 25 people across the countty have turned themselves in since tte safe surrender program starttd 5 years ago but ii only happens if you missed out, you canú always surrender directly to pooice. months of lobbying and protesting have come down to this. the baltimore citt council will take a final vote on yesterday's budget today. all yyar, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake have been trying to cut down on fees. a parking tax, and increase in %-and telecommunications but wih all of those increases job cuts are invit be. the citinevitable. the city counnil will consider several bills to close the city budget gap at today's meeting.
7:08 am
one of those potentiil money -akers for the city that is tax.l onntte taale is the botttl the tax failed in a vote last week but city councilmembers ar3 expected to revisit the issue for a final vote today. if someone changes their mind and if it passes, items like ú%da and beer will be taxed an extra $0.4. it's a risk tte mayor says that should be take enin order to >> thhs is a real budget deficit, a real ga gap that nees to be filled. these re real jobs and real servvces that are attached to these jobs. >> the naacp ii supporting the tax foo health reasons hoping it might discourage kids from drinking too much soda. to milk or juice. coming up. he has a few tricks up his sleeve. -he tips someone can earn taught by a a glob ú
7:09 am
7:10 am
7:11 am
kevin carter joins us live with the deeails for this morning's hometown hot spot, good morning, kevin. good morning,. all right, so you're ne of -he parents of the kidsslearning the nee basketball skills; is that ight? >> yes, ma'am. >> are you excited to hhve him involved? >> i'm vvry excited. >> tell me about what is going on at the amp. >> right ow what is going on the kids are coming in this mooning, workout on practicing their drrbbling kills and hoping to be the next best basket all player and being the next le bron james.
7:12 am
>> i see a gungie younger with e there with some skills but i see some older ones, too. what is the age range and so people can get involved. >> i think the age range is 45 o 17. aad as far as i know you can still come to get involved. >> what is is it like to have a former globe trotter to ggt involved and teach them the skills. >> it's great bbcause he is fro3 the local area and the kids will be ableeto identify themselves and he knows bout the area and heecan better help them out to keep their life dream. >> it looks liie the kids at %-great time with his andving a learning good stuff. kevin, we appreciate you joining us this morning. the basketball camp begins today and uns through july 23rd and depending on %-hopkins state university.heldú
7:13 am
can you rreisttr online and for3 more inffrmation, log on to see flashes of earl with th3 take a look at sy hd radar looking pretty dry right noww it's going to be a pretty day with a lot of sunshine but anothhr hot day with the temperatures climbing intt the 90s. -oday not as humid as it will be through the rest of the week. it will be a toleraale day as ii will be as e get through tuesday throogh the rest of theú week when the humidity does climb. 70 degrees is the temperature at the inner harbor. winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour, 58% relative humidity and 38.0 on the barometer and rising.3 that indication of high pressure is overhead.ú the boo is the dew point. that means that the ry air is with us and that is a more tolerable scenario for one day sown i!!down in salisbury 72 de.
7:14 am
and the temperatures will be climbing into the upper 80s if not into the low 90s onceú again. the frontal boundaryypushing through is going to bring a northerly flow again therefore the humidiiy stays low. the warm frontal lows for the warm air to return with the humiddty too for tomorrow. that brings a chanceeof showers to the western part of the state as 1:00 in the afternoon, it's the late afternoon or eveningg3 hours or even nighttime that is shown here about 8800 prime time for best chance of a thunderstorm popping up then..3 that'sstomorrow we stay within the warm secttr of air and the -ummd ne as well. the hiews!! humidity values alsh increased as we move past today. 88 degrees for the high temperature in the eassern shore. that would be the coolest part of the state. areas we expect to get too92 today with plenty of sunshine, northwest wiid at 5-10 miles per hour. the northerly flowwis going to %-comfortable evve though we wil
7:15 am
get to 91 for the westernnpart ú% maryland and plenty of sunshine. the elevated ozone levels today and tonight, 68 deggees under mainly clear skies, partly cloudy, it willlbe a mild night with a northwest wind but shifting o the southwest as we go throughhthe transition with a mmre humid scenario. 92 with the chances of hummdity increasing, 944and afternoon thunderstorms chances for wednesday and thursday, too with a higg of 93 on thursday. 90, mostly sunny on friday, andd sunday under partly cloudy skies. now let's see whht is hhppening here is candace dold with the track edge, candace we're minutes way from summer. >> reporter: i know. i can't wait. i will be eating ice cream to bbat the heatt concerned, we'rr trying to beat thh morning rush nd while weere now smack in the middle of things, 38 miles per hour traveling through catonsville
7:16 am
but then doing better further up traveling at the beltway at security boulevard at 51 miles %-let's check in on 95 moving through baltimore county and3 whiteearsh boulevard right now. -he southbound lanes, look at this. just a straight line of caas from whitemarsh boulevard all the way down toward that beltway. we don't have any accidents. it's just the sheer volume that we have to deal with. ooce e're oo the beltway check -t out on thh haaford road on the outer loop lanes. we have had the fair share of volume and that continues tt be the ase but we doo't hhve delays liie we have further ove3 on 955 ww will take that. %-on the fliipside of 83, lee's check in traveling on the beltway right at old court road for you on the outer loop lanes and they have been filled with3 cars there and that continnes to be the case so a sluggish ride frommold co [ male announcer ] thinking abing about your florida beach vacation and about what's happening in the gulf? well, florida has 825 miles of beaches... 221 of them, here in northwest florida.
7:17 am
so, there's plenty of places in florida to enjoy crystal clear waters and a great beach vacation. go to florida live at for real-time information. [ female announcer ] beaches of south walton are open for enjoyment and still the place to be. plan your trip at today.
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plan your trip at at maa accusee in the attempted bombing of new york timeesquare will be in court he is being called to enter a plea on teeroriss and weapons he is accused of a plot that fizzled when a propane bbmb failed to ignite at a broadway
7:19 am
flagstaff ere forced into shelters trying to outrun the fires. air tankers and helicopters were callee in to help stop he fire on the grrund. aamaa california mannwas arressd for leavingghot calls at a campground..3 representative of massachusetts says the oil giint describes a worst case scenario blowout preventer woulddbe and removee. bp fires back thaa the document is irrelevant and there's no plans to remove the plow out prevenn for until the well is killed. makers of the worst case a
7:20 am
iniacas scenario. >> reporter: the latest estimates shows as many as 60,000 barrels of oil may be gushing into the gulf f mexico each day. >> never again will we trust the oil companies. >> reporter: now democratic coogressman ed marky has released aa internnl bp documen3 the document could put more pressure on the company which has come under criticism from ú%wmakers that says bp didn't enough to anticipate the catastrophic scale of the sppll. >> either to limit the liability ú% because they were grossly incompetent..3 >> reporter: a spokesman for bp shot ack ssying the worst
7:21 am
case scenario estimate is irrelevant because it indicates that in order for ittto help, the well head and theeoil that and they have no intennions ú% doing that.3 %-arguments from oil service companies that say tte government has no evidence that existing operations ppse a threat. some lawmakers are also against -he temporary ban. louisiana senator mary landrieuú says that she has asked the >> the economic desaster may be even grrater tthn the environmental desasterr >> reporter: oil service companies named as plainniffs want a courr order declaring h3 moratorium invalid and govvrnment lawyers say the temporary ban is necessary to -valuate safety issses. the administration has set up a coomission to examine the
7:22 am
safety and goverrment regulations issues, but peoole are criticizing that, what is the problem. -> reporrer: some people say that the 7 member anel is too heavy on experts in policy and management anddnot heavy enough with engineers and scientists. there's one engineer, there's one scientist and the rest are experts in policy and management, and the other issue why the 7 member panel is getting some fire from critics is because some of these people who are the panel have been vocal about their positions onn3 eeergy policy and thattis a hot people. you go democratic rout or the republican route it's a polarizing ssue. the outcome oo this panel is predetermined by the people who have been selected by the president toosit on it, patrice. >> interesting, nicole collins, reporttng live in washington, ttank you. morning news, a woman is shot and killed by police, what her husband is saying the officers
7:23 am
used excessive force. it was our lifestyle.ú afffcting drilling decisions across the country. how one small town in 33
7:24 am
7:25 am
a drilling band freeees cells plans to go to worr in the arccic. for the small town of hope town alaska that decision is. while the drilling brings promises of help to theearea others feel threatened. they have shutdown shell oil drilling arctic plan that was to set underway next month when the
7:26 am
icc breaks up even though the project surviefdz yeaas off3 environmental lawsuits in the federal report. >> it's a very fragile ennironment ann we have absooutely no technology nor cleaning oil and broken ice environment. that these wells are in 150 feet of water and technology has been tested. the company ran 14 wells in the because the price of oil dropped and arctic productionn s expensive. at stake is an stimated3 27 billion barrels of oil, 2 1/2 times what is flowed frommalaska flow over the last 30 yearr. ú%ttre. it means, you know, a bridge, i think into an area where e are looking at energy independence. >> reporter: itts nott risk-free. and blowouts can occur even in -hallow water. that makes for mixed feelings in remote eskimo towns nearby.
7:27 am
arctic villages ggt well f half offtheir diet from salmon and walrus and whale so an oil spill would not just threaten, a job or a place of vacation buu their very existence heee. >> it will wipe our way of lifeú our llfessyle. ú%re than 35% unemployment,tt younger residents are pro >> it would be a good paying job training. >> it gives young people more out and doing nothing all day. >> reporter: shell says the exploratory drillinn this summer would have meant 400 jobs nd full ppoduction could employed 35,000. next summer at the earliest..3il in point hope, aaaska dan springee, fox news. these strike everal farms in frederick, what they took and how much it's costing armers.
7:28 am
and summer is aboot to begin. i'm joel d smith, live town ttwn where yesterday was code red day in the city. straight [ woman ] now from the cascade network. it's the greatest merger in dishwashing history. it will impact pots and pans everywhere. gel and powder join forces to create a superpower.
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good morning, 7:30 is the time. that sunshine there signals the start of summer, tto minutes ago, summer officially began. and wow, doesn't that sun look like it's going to e a hot one today? if it's anything like it was this weekend t will be. good morning, i'm patrice harris. let's cceck in with meteorologist steve ferriggand
7:31 am
you say there's a little difference between yesterday and today. >> it will be less humid today but still hot getting into the low 90s. only for a day we get a break. >> it's summer. >> it's a couple offminutes old. and here is what we're feeling, 71 right now, 3 minutes into summer, 78, degrees, and 71 in salisbury buttit getle hot in -e afternoon with the low 90s coming yourrway. clear skies, that's why we're3 seeing the sunshine high pressure overhead bringing ace nice one. tte hhat will be with us today. it will be less humid today as we move through the week, however, we will have more on how llnn that heat and humidity wiil last a little bit later. riggt now, candace dold with a look at the traffic edge. >> reporter: we're talking about 95 right now and well,
7:32 am
it's going to be delay moving through whitemmrsh. as far as the beltway is concerned, here it is. you're taking a live look and3 %-source of congession.tely a of cars that are coming down the even the orthbound stretch all -he way toward beltway. it's a look at the morning %-you.s, patrice, back over to 7:33 now on fox 45 morning news. today is the official beginning of summer. in fact it started a couple of3 minutes ago. as we know frrmmthe weekend, thh heat isn't looking at a caleedar. yesteeday was the first ccde reú day for the city and today ould be just as hot. with more on what code red really minutes. we are 4 minutes into summer. joel, do you notice the difference. >> it's veryyhot. it feels so much different. i don't have to wear a tie anymore, summertime, not that simple.
7:33 am
i know. yesterday was a code red day, it was much more humid than today which is why today will not be a code red. even though this is a cooling center at times. it won't be that today. when you're looking at days like hoping eople are doing the right thing? >> well, i think it's important to get the message out to be prepared so the very best is if you can, stay close to home. if ou have to go out, limit ú%ur time in theesun, try to stay away from the ssn between 10 and 4:00 or so. if you're starting to feel ill with symptoms of eithhr heat exhaustion or heaastroke characterized by feelingg3 nauseous and tired, a little bit ú%eaty or cold and clammy, get help right away, call 911 andda3 couple of mportant things, be sure to take care of your neighbors who may not be as abl3 >> why do you think it is, these are things we say every single year. why do youuthink every single time we ot to say it again so
7:34 am
people get it. >> it's iiportant, summmr comes once a year. people's memories fade. and some folks may bogged down in the blizzarddof february. sun we have to be prepared. red day, maybe later in the week they will be. they look at this on a day by %-have to characterize.days they they havv 11 days throughout the city. when it comes to one of those days, dial 311 r head to our find out more. >> it sounds like it may noo be have less humidity today andll today only. the rest oo the week should pick up and we should be at code red pooition. >> reporttr: by 6:00 and when they make this determination. these open up periodically with the cold waterrandd3 air-conditioning. always look out after your neighbors like you said.3 >> joel, thank you. we want to know how you're going to beat the heat today.
7:35 am
it's our question. %-the our hone lines areeopen w right now at (410)481-4545. you can also go to ask tell us what you think or sound off through facebook or send us a tweet at fox baltimore. many commuters driving through ballimore city this morning ave to find an aaternate way to get to work. part of 83 wassshutdown for hours following a fatal accident. the northbound span of the avenue, fire officials ay ann3 accident took place on the jfx around 1:00 this morning near the victim's identity hassnot been released. deadly weekend in baltimore continues overnight. one man is dead. it happened at 2:this ca!! at 1s morning. suspect at the time. the investigation is still ongoing. sinceesaturday 12 people3
7:36 am
have been shot in the city in nine different incidentsle one of the incidents tooo ple last night but this map shows you that the shootings were scattered all over the city. so ar none of the incidents appear to be related. in one of those inciients four people were shot in east baltimore. it happened saturday night just after 10:00 on north mon ford avenue. the viccims were all hit in the everrone surrived. one neighbor says she heard the shotss >> panic, panic-stricken. affaid for oou childrennand grandchildren playing up and down the street every day. >> in all three of tte shootings this week were deadly along with in morninn's fatal shooting -artel was shot nd killed. around 9:30 saturday niggt a 29 years ood was lso killed. he was shot saturday in south west baltimore. hospital. some farmees in frederick
7:37 am
say they'reelosing their livestocc to ttieves. recently bill woke up one morning missing 35 of he 88 chickens on his farm. a few weeks aggie lane cosgrove noticed two cattle missing from her barn. ú%cording to the frederick news whatever it is, ii'sher escalatiig. it's taking place at large. this is way too organized to be somebody having fun. >> police are investigating and farmers ssy ttey will be more viggllnt. the farm bureau is offering aa3 leading to an arrest and conviction. the husband of a woman shot and killed by police sayssthe police used excessive force. dean perkins says his wife's
7:38 am
last week maryland policc wereú domestic disturbance.r a she point a ggn at them, and they opened fire. she disappearee into the house and police set up a barricade. and 5 hours later they went into the home nd found her body. ú%e husbann ttll troopers at the scene that his wife was drunk and possiily arm. the police could have diffused ú%e situation without the shooting remains under iivestigation. the state trooper killed outside of an applebeees restaurant was laid to rest over the weekend. trooper first plaas wesley lown brown owes --trooper weslee bro. they waited for brown in the miltonnadmitted to police that they shot the trooper. -oth are now charged in his death. saturday was a day family ann friends used to celebrate
7:39 am
troopee brown's life for all he did as a state trooper. %-knight in shining armor. me my ú%th you gone it's like a piece of my heart is missing. >> brown was just 24 years old. two teams of workers continue to drill relief wells to stop the oil leak in the gulf of mexico. he has inside information just how bad bp predicts the oil spill could ecome. representative ed marky of massachusetts claims that he has a bp document that says the worst case sse!scennrio for thhl 100,000 barrell a day. now we're up to 100,000 barrels.
7:40 am
more than 4 million gallons. as the oil spill crisis continues, many people are wondering what they can do to help. their answer, boycott bp gas stttions thinking that sendd a message to tte company and hurts their bottom line. but does it? independent owners and distribute ors for bp say, no. they say ndividual station owners are just yyur average person and they're the ones being hurt. missnforred. i they think her hurting bp by boycctting privately held businesses like this station here. it's simply not true. these guys live in your neighborhood..3 you go to ccurch with them and you play golf with them. >> there are 207bp stations in anddaround the baltimore region. up improving air get expprt tips on what you can enjoy the great ootdoors this summer. you're taking a live long at
7:41 am
95 through whitemarsh. - louis lousy ride on the southd
7:42 am
7:43 am
monday morning, fiist day of summer arrivinggearlier. severn 28:00. now we're looking at -- 72 7:28. and because of dry conditions it won't feel as baa as if it were more hume i. humid. tomorrow. don't get used to this. 58% relative humidity aad ttat number and the dew point being at 52 an indication that t is ffirly dry compaaed to what it
7:44 am
coulddbe and will be after today. 30.0 rising on the barometer with high pressure in ontrol. -8 is the high temperature in baltimore, down in sal salisbur. and oakland looking good at -8 degrees right now. as the front moves through,,it's not goong o bring us anything don't have the moisture in place. we have the northerly flow that is going to keep us feeling for -omfortable as we get to tomorrow. we will see the winds shift to the south and west bringing more moisture. a chance of showers for the wwstern part of the state early afternoon. night s the best timing for thú showers and that will be the ú%orr the rest of the week as we stay within the heat and humidity id air mass for several days. -- humid air mass and several days. the eastern shore a little
7:45 am
cooler with the ocean influence %-north winds at 5-10 and plenty of sunshine. for the central part of the state, 92 degreessfor the high today at 3 or 4:00 this afternoon the warmest part of the day then. a lot of sunshine, northwest wind at 5-10 miles per hour. the northerly influence is going ú% help for today as far as comfort level. the wind shift to the south is going to feel oppressive. a cooe orange air quality day today because of the heat is going to raise the ozone level up. if you have respiratory problems -nd asthma you will have a reason not be outdoors. it willlbe mild night, northwest winds become southwest as we start to see the flow ship. as we climb again to 92 but it feels warmerrwith the humidity.3 a thunderstorm chance for thhe3 afternoon, more of the same, for wednessay and thursday.
7:46 am
90 degrees mostly sunny on fridayyas we get more of a break but not much, 89 degrees on saturday and 90 on sunday with paatly cloudy skies booh days. maybe we drop below 90 on saturday but that would be the best chance. otherwise niz continuin -- 90s continning into next week as wwll. fox 45 doppler radar tracks ú%noming storms. interactive tools will let you w when rain or thunderstorms will be over your house..3 go to and click on irrdar. now candace dold is back with a check of the roadways and the >> reporter: we are checking on the actual speeds for you. 56 miies per hour traveling on the beltway near dulaney vaaley rood. 58 miles per hour on the jfx but the attention is all because of an accident hat is in howard county an overturned vehicle on the eastbound lanes of oute 100. you want to use oute 32 as the
7:47 am
alternate route. p>now on 95 traveling through the vicinity let's check it out moving at 100. this is definitely a source of congestion, northbound lanes anú southbound all theeway up toward the beltway..3 once you hop on the beltway, checking in moving at frederick complaints there. it's going to be a breeze, uter loop and inner loop lanes but farther up there's an accident on theeouter looo direction. it's at 795. ú-travels.ook at your morning patrice, back over to you. thaak you, candace. %-summer is here and things are already heatinn up. we want to know what you think. how are you goiig to beat the heat today? our phone llnes aae openn
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
today ii the official start of summer but things started -orning. ú%sterday wws the first code red day for the city and today ould be just as hot. cooling centers will be open across baltimore to help people stay comfortable. that brings us to thee3 question of the day, how re you goinggto beat the hhaa today? our ffrst caller is tia in baltimore, good morning tia. >> good morning. >>what are you going to do because it's hot. >> the only thing i can do right ú%w is tay inside 'cause a work at a hospital. -tay inside, drink a ot of fluids and water. >> at least in the hospital you will have air-conditioning. >> i reelly hope so, patrice. >> so do i for yoor saak. drink the water like you said. tia thank you very much. let's go tt joyce in baltimore. >> good morninn, patrice. >> how are you, joyce? >> you haven't heard from me in a while..3 >> we sure haven't.
7:51 am
ú%ll me about your summer. >> i'm off today so i'm going to lay bacc in my a/c. >> must be niic joyce. >> i'm going to get plenty of ice cream and snow ball. iim going to treat myself like a princess. >> you go right ahead because something tells me you are. joyce nice to talk to you once again. take care. we had a lot of peepleewho weighed in and a/c seems to be the key word today. i'm relaxing in my a/c with my blue rays on my last day off of work. >> jim says i'' headed to the public library for a pe special program, also a good dayyto spend the day. it will be nice and cool there and you can get good reeaing dooe. >> a lot of people are sitting pool side. we had a lot of people asking
7:52 am
when do the pools open and where can i go.ú >> doyle weighed in. i will be out there out all day. drink a lot of water. he froze the water last night so he will be ready for today. heesays, the weather is planning to geeting a tan also, lol. >> doyle, you have a good one out there. make sure you stay on that water. kids getting kidssto stop how two local girls came up with rap to shed some light on the sky high temperatures, what you can do to here she is... pretty cool, huh?
7:53 am
yeah, but... what happened to the back there? well, here's the thing: this was the only "sporty two-seater" they had on my budget. uh-huh. and the seats go all the way back. (announcer) settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. for the money you'd spend on a stripped down new car, you could get a fully loaded, guaranteed-quality used car at carmax. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be.
7:54 am
seen high temperatures this year and summerris only offiiiilly
7:55 am
getting started today. make t harder to breathe.ten cleen air partners joins us ttis morning with an ootlook n our area air qawwly and wha quality3 can do to enjoy outdoors. let's talk aboutta couple of things because we have been talking about code red. when we talk witt joel, we're talking about the temperatures. you have a code red related to the air. >> e have a color code system that was created 25 years go. when the ir quality is approaahing cooe orange, it's ú%coming unnealthful. code orange days, people whoone. especially respiratory problems need be mindful. the best thhng for them is to stay inside. also kids should probaaly bee3 kepttinside as well. they tend to go outside, run
7:56 am
arrund more, they take in more air, and the level ozone whichú is the pollutants we're especially concerred with, can cause permanent damaae to young lungs because they're developing. >> so you are talking about the pollutant. do the code orange pertain to the temperatures, but you're taking into account a lot of other factors as well.ú air pollution especially ggound level ozone whiih occur n summer. on days like these wwen it's hot and hhmid. the sun is a reactor, the pollutants come from tail pipes and smoke tacks.3 >> how bad is our area, just in general if yyu were rating it compared to other places. p> i have got good news and not ss good news. the good news is we have gotten much better. our air is much cleaner. >> okaa. >> we can demonstrate that over the last 20 years..33 the not so good nees is we have to work harder to maintain those
7:57 am
improveeent. we're a growing region. we have folks cooing in frrm different areas because of brac. that s one example. they are going to get a lot of more jobs, more people, meaning more activity that are goong to ú%rate air pollution. >> in 100seconds, give me a couple of ways we can continue >> attention to the forecast, go to cleaner partners forecast and listen to sttve fertig and listen to the meteorologistú ú% the air quality approaches red r orange keep the kids inside. >> i do, i listen to steve allú day. thank you for cominn in. %-the new flavors and the studio is already dancing, the new flavors cold stone hassddveloped to please your sweet tooth roz
7:58 am
>> reporter: that's a good idea. also stayiig open is the coolin [ male announcer ] thinking about your florida beach vacation and about what's happening in the gulf? well, florida has 825 miles of beaches... 221 of them, here in northwest florida. so, there's plenty of places in florida to enjoy crystal clear waters and a great beach vacation. go to florida live at for real-time information. navarre beach has never looked better. explore gulf islands national seashore
7:59 am
and surrounding santa rosa county by canoe, kayak, bike or zipline. visit
8:00 am
by canoe, kayak, bike or zipline. now on foxx45 morning news. >> i wish i had a big time pool out here in someehere. code red in baltimore. what you can do to keep saff in this extreme heat. >> leave me alone.ú >> say leave me lone. against bullies.g a stand we meet the pint sizz rapper with a big message. >> the 5 things you can do to look 5 yearssyounger in 553 minntee.
8:01 am
ii's monday, june 21st. welcome to summer. it officially started at 7:28 this morning. the sun is there to show you, yes, i am herr,,here ii summer. that is overlooking baltimore the start -- the start to some summer day on this monday morning. very nice. good morningg i'm patrice harris. mettorrlogist steve fertig is here with a look at what we can expect thhs firrt day of summer. >> we can expect somm ice cream. >> yes, cold stone is here. >> i see that she is going to be -- candace is goong to keep cool by eating ice cream..3 they have come in the last few years. >> teeperatures at 80 degrees
8:02 am
now at 8:00 in the morning. how about that?ú typically we get up too3 81 degrees for the high this time of year. the first day of summer will dry conditions, the fronn is a dry from pushing through. it wwll bring the northerll fllw that will keep us with less humidity so it won't be as oppressive. by tomorrow it's back and so are the chances of showers. sunny and hot today but less heatwave all week long as we stay in the 90s,,hht and humidd3 with a chance of mid afternoon thunderstorms by midweek. how the question is what flavor do we get?3 >> we're talking aboot 95 as far as the roadways are coocerned. or not you should take these, not a bad deal. southbound laaes and the toward beltway, things are looking good. in fact, on 95, thooe southbound lanes from the beltway all theú way downn oward routt 32, we're
8:03 am
automobiles perr58 miles per ho. and nothing to get in the way of 895 tte southbound lanes from the harbor tunnel own toward 95, 9 minutessright now, 54 miles per hour there. that's a look at your morning travels, patrice, back over to you. 8:02 on fox 45 mornnng news. welcome to summer. for the city..3 today could be another one. at least we thought it was but it's not going to be as hot. plaa for keeping people sa safed cool today. we are going to be eattng ice cream but i know the city hhs other plans. >> reporter: i'm in the sun right now. i'm moving over the state. you ccn feel the differencement one of the simple tthngs you can -o is stay out of the sun even though it's not an offiiially code red day. why not today as a codeered day?
8:04 am
>> basically tte humidity is going to be lower than around 90, yesterday was a very critical code red day. the temp was high, the humidity was high and a lot of outdoor activity. >> reporter: when it comes to the danger, since code red as imflementeplentiedimplemented yt >> rior to the start of the ccdeered program we lost 35 since the start of the code red program, we have only llst 6. >> reporter: for people who need to know where the cooling33 centers are on those days, where should they go? >> we have a total of 11 cooling centers that are sponsored between thh commission of age and retirement association, they are located all over the city. we are standing in front of them the waxterr tooget more nformation, phone 311 or go on our website at baltimore city healthhorg/cooee3
8:05 am
>> reporter: . >> reporter: they ccn go to our weesite at foxbaltimoreecom and we will tell them about it.3 get ready for the heat this week. take off our tie. >> i already took my tie off.ú one man is dead fter guufire rips ttrough southeaat3 baltimore..3 ii happened around 2:30 his morning on northeast avenue near there's nooword on a motive or a suspect. the investigation is oogoing. since saturday twelve people --e ú%en shot in the city. %-shootings were scattered all police say so farr none of the incidents appear tt be related. months of lobbying and protessing have all come down to this. ú%h baltimmre city counccl will take a final vote on next year'3 %-all year mayor stephanie
8:06 am
rawlings-blake and city couucilmembers have been trying to determine how to cut down a $120 million budget deficit. several tax and fee increases have alreadd been passed including parking ttxes. an increase in the energy tax that city residents, businesses and ccarities pay. a new tax on advertisiig and %-with all of those iicreases, b are inevvtable. theecity council will still consider seeeral bills designed to close thh city's budget gap at today's meeting.3 one of those potential money makers for the city that isú still on the table a bottle tax. week but city councillemberr are eepected to reviiit thh issue for a final vote today.ú if one of the councilmembers changes ttoa yes and if it passes, items ike soda and beer will be taxed an extra 4 cents. bussness owners worry that coul3 drive customers and businesses out of the city, but it's a risk
8:07 am
the mayor thinks they have too3 take to save jobs..3 >> this is a real budget deficit, a real gab that needs be filled. these are real jobs and real vofses thht are attache!!servico the jobs. >> the bottle tax would not apply toomilk or juice. maryland senators are markinggthe one-year anniversaay crash by calling on new -sandards. almost a year ago eight people dade ndied and othersswere injú today senators ben cardin and3 bar ba mikulski will announce a measureeto establishhstandards for the system. others areejoining the safety efforts. two teams oo workees
8:08 am
continue to drill reliee wells to stop the oil leak in the gulf of mexico. meaawhile one congressman says he has inside information on how baa bp predicts the gulf oil repressetativessed marky of massachusetts laims that he has a bp document that has the worst case seen ai scenario oil gushio the gulf would be 100,000 a ay. >> from the beginning, bp was lying or incompetenn. now we're up to 100,000 barrels. >> 100,000 barrels of oii is more thann4 million gallons. as theeoil spill crisis continues, many people are wondering what they can do to help. their answer is o boycott bp gas stations thinking that sends ú%message to the company and but does it? independent owners and distribute ors fo ors for bp sa.
8:09 am
individual stations are just average people and they're the >> a lot oo people are misunderstood. they think are hurtiiggbp by boiboycotting businesses like it's not true. %-commuuity and go to church wih you,,and you play golf with them. -p>> a mount airy man gts !getsg %-ralph wolf was hoping to donae a kidney to his wife linda, but when linda ound a match, ralph %-his kkdneyybut he chose toúte anyway. ralph says he didn't kkow until recently that if he had backed aparr. cominn up learn the trickk of the trade.
8:10 am
basketball from a former harlem globetrotter. hometown hot spot..33 put your hands the air. >> stop school bullying, how wo girls startee a ú%
8:11 am
8:12 am
smiih a former harleemglobe trotter and now he is offering a summer camp. >> good morning, oach. p> we are great ere. >> how are you there? >> we are great ere. it looks like you're going great.ú tell me about the campp >> this is the day of the caap. we un the camp for 5 weeks. ú%'re exciied this our 5th yearrand the thhngs we work onn3 are definitely fundamentals. we try to teach the kids thh3 right way to play the game and have fun. >> you learn the fundamentals but because you are a former glob trotter they learn things that are not so fundamental. >> yes, but at theesame time %-and at the same time we try to get the kids to understand ttat. you must always have ffn in anything you do? >> can we see him show things
8:13 am
for the kids. >> most deeinitely, chew, ttke it away. [[pplause] [applause] %-[apause] [applause] >> wow! that is awesome. i see some futureeharlem globetrotters and nba stars right theee. he camp runs through the summer it'' being held at new town high schooll you can register online ann for more informmtion log on to
8:14 amú tell the kids to cut it out. they're hurting myselfy imagination. tick a look at the skyy-- take a llok at sky hd radar. i'm ot goiig to be wining because we have rappees coming we're talking abouu hot temperatures as we get into the 90s. it looks like the humidity will3 hold off becauss the humidity is as we get to the southwesterly flow. more comfortable anyway. let's take a look a the temperature right ow. we're at 80 degrees at the inner harbor. goo partly cloudy skies, a variableewind and 54% riel humidity. 62 is the dew poiit, which is an indication thht the humidity values will be lower today than it will become tomorrow and the rest of the week. today not as intolerable as we climb neverthellss toward -0 degrees or above today. we're at 80 degrees alreaay in baltimore and the same for d.c. the same in salisburyy
8:15 am
76 in hagerstown. you ould expect in the mountains..3 ittwill be a dry fronn. we get the northerly flow, the influence is going to keep us drier today and moreecomfortable by tomorrow we get more of a southerly influeece and that brings more humidity then and a chance for showers. thunderstorms are popping up certainly a better possibility tomorrow with the perso westernt oo the state getting earlier. and later into the evening or at night ffr the centtal part of the statt, about 8::0 according to the model we're showwng you heree ww will stay warm as we continue of air.n the warm moist sector -ooay, 88 degrees for the hiihh look for the central part of the sky tt climb tt 92 deggees. the temperatures feeling where they will be 92 still hot
8:16 am
enough. ú% for the western part of tte quality today witt all the heat. it's going to raise the ow ozone the wind shiftsstonight. and the more southerly influence stays with us all week. 92 with a thunderstorr then. afternoon thunderstorms possibll wednesday and thursday and 90 mostly sunnn on friday and3 partly cloudy for your satuuday anddsunday the high of 899and 90 for your two weekend days. fox 45 sky watch weather is available at your finger tips.ú i radarris available at you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track incoming storms. the interactiveetools will let you know when rain or thunderstorms will be over your here is candace dold with the ttaffic edge. thank you,,steve. it's been a tough ride n 95 this morning especially moving through whiteearsh at 13 miles per hour riiht now. that's traveling all thh wayú down toward the beltway. howard county is in the
8:17 am
spoolight and well, that is %-an overturned vehicle.%-it col travel lanes of eastbound route parkway. will want to use roote 32 oou route 175 as the aaternate. on 95, traveling throogh howard county lookinggmuch better, heavy but steady on both the southbound lanes and the push toward the bblttay.g the speaking offthe beltway, let's check in on route 40 ravelingg3 through catonsville, and those lanes are definitely filled with carss inner and out leer outer p direction. we don't have ny brake lights. some rellef to talk about and that is because we cleared outt an accident oo the outer loop lanes right near 795. that's a look at your morning travels. patrice, back over to you. coming up put summer vacation time to use. how kids can learn thh baiskedz -h-- basicsof the stock market t
8:18 am
makes a ifference n their lives. next putting an end to school bullying. how two girls hope to do it with their rap song. some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens.
8:19 am
but i like to think i'm just going beyond the call of duty. cock-a-doodle-dooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ they're fed a nutritious diet including corn, soybeans and marigolds. and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken. what? they're more comfortable.
8:20 am
ggod morning, how are you? %-show.yu for coming on our
8:21 am
tell me about yoor song. we saw you on our facebook page. you have a video and everythinn. how did you comm up with the song? >> we came up with the song. >> here is my mic. >> we cameeup with the ong because at school we had a3 program abbut bullying and since i know how to rap so made up a rap about it. and then. >> is bullying a big problem in schools. >> it's a ig probllm 'cause you see kids sitting there getttng bullied. >> and you want people to tell on bullies and that is why you all have this song. are you ready to perform ii for us? >> yes.3 >> what is the name of it? >> bullies. >> i'm going to let you takeeit away, ladies. >> yo ♪ ♪ you already know, biggie ♪ leave mm alone ♪ say leave me alone
8:22 am
♪ say leave me alone ♪ leave mm alone ♪ icking n kidsen t kidsen too not make you cool ♪ ♪ as a matter of fact bulliesú are ffol ♪ ♪ you want to be bad ♪ you want to be tough ♪ we will be seeing bullies and telling them ♪ ♪ tellinggon bullies can save your life ♪ ♪ being a bulll is wrong not right ♪3 ♪ if you don't llke bullies put your hands in the ir ♪ ♪ scream read loud shine the light on the bully ♪ ♪ scream read loud shine the >> [applause] how dii you get to be rappers. you're 5 and 9 years old. how long have you been doing na. >> when i was really young. i seen my mothee rap and iú thought it was kind of cool so i tried it. >> and you tried and you're doing to a good job.
8:23 am
ladies, we thank you forrbeing a good example to other kids in oor schools about bullying. if you would llke a link to the full music video log on to slarn/morning. coming up look great ann feel great, what you can do to look younger. how one program hopes to 3
8:24 am
8:25 am
-p are your kids in the mark3 ffr some money? %-knowledge, stooks and theial
8:26 am
futtres, teaches financial it sounds like a greato at program. it's going tt get starred in thh >> it's been ongoing for a number of years thattmiddle school students were under performing, had thhs class once a week. duriig the class, they learn about investing various kind ofú -tocc market, how companies go publii and howwto compare public perforrances among companiis. they can eaan money by cominn to grades. we reinforce as they are learning reiiforcinggbbsic academic skills. thhy get to increst that company in ublic -- invest that money ii publicly trading companies. >> they get the informatiin you on ho it works but then they get to the application of getting to
8:27 am
invest ttemselves..33 >> this ii nnt a threa here to l game. but they get to invest. this could give them the sttck when they graduate from high >> there's the ultimate, the short and the long-term incentive and in the meannime, what we're doing about the topic of money is exciting them to learn some very basic fundamentals abouu how our economy works. >> without programs like these, these ids aren't nncessarily getting this kind of informatiin iimean, they have the ath ccasses in school but it doesn't necessarily cooee this kipe of -- this type of information. this is the exciteeent of thhs program, we dangle the subject of money and ittgets them o excited about what they're learning. it traasfers to the outssde. they understand all the means o3
8:28 am
the media and it's a bridge to parents and it understands their control of being able to earn >> it sounds like kids are going to have a great time when it comes time toogo back to school. for more inffrmation about the program log on to yyur website at coming up we all scream or ice cream. the delicious treat, oh myú cold stone creamery. they're here to kickofffssmmer. backkto life. what you can do to lookk5 years younger..3 that ii coming up nexx. 8:288is the time. you are watching fox 45 morniig news, all local all morninn. [ dennis ] when we first got fios, the first thing we noticed was our next door neighbor, looking through our picture window, at the tv. i was going to set up a chair for him, because he was watching my tv, on my front lawn! [ male announcer ] call now and get fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, plus the fios tv movie package, free for 12 months.
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8:30 am
> well come back tt fox 45 morning news. 8:300is the timm..3 and it is a pretty and breezy good morning, i'm patrice harris..3 let's get a check of the forecast, meteorrlogist steve fertig is here with a look at what we can expect. i know it's hot outsidd, because they have the air ccanked up in
8:31 am
here. ii's reezy but generally it's goong to be a 5-100mile-an-hour wind. it won't cool you off as mmch. the resttof the week which will become oppressive, enjoy today, because low 90s on the first day oo summer with the low humidity is to tolerable. 80 degrees in he morning and 80 degrees? salisbury. 76 in hageeers town. we have a lot of dry air in place and clear skies on sky hd3 radar. a my day lookinn today as we climb to 92. it won't be as hot even if it becomes as humid as it becomes. for right now we eed to let you know what the commute liies like this morning. candace dold is here wiih a look at commute. >> reeorter: ttank you, steve. we''e taking a life lookkat the beltway at harford road. the cars arr zzpping along on lanes.
8:32 am
83. we are looking at a coomute that is in the 13 minutes right now 47 mills per hour. from 83 up toward 795, at 54 miles per hour with an 8-minute ride, but then, the %-toward 95, a sluggish 37 miles %-arrive at the 95 exit.ctually -hat's aalook at the morning travels. patrice, let's turn it ovee to you.ú stories. is a lookkaa our top boobing of new york time square will be in court ttday. faze ahe is accused of a plot e whenna propane bomb failed to ddtonate. >> reporter:: i'm in downtown where it's not a codeered day officiilly today. ú%%-won't be open.lingers coolis
8:33 am
since the code red idea has come to baltimore they saved a lot of lives. before it started five years ago, 355deaths related in the ciiy. since then only 6 and none last year. watch out for your friends and neighbors. sttll keep cool even though it's not officially one of those days. it coull be as simple as getting out oo the sun and taking it easy in the shade. firefighters in arizona are rushing to contain 2 fir fiiefighters. flagstaff are beeng forced into -heeters trying to our run the fires. helicopters were called iinto help the crews on the ground. police have arrested a calf cal man whh started -- california man when started the fire y leaving hot coals at a ccmp site. take yeers off your looks n juut minutts. we have got 5 tips that will help you look 5 ears youngerrin 5 minutes. colgate is making thh formee founder ann editor f allureú
8:34 am
magazine martha available to tell us how to do that? to take 5 years off. you an dd, certainly to make you look younger. you wouldn't believe how old i am and people say that i look young because i do these things. starting with your hairr >> okay. >> i don't wash my hair that much, okay. - wash my hair, maybe once or twice a week. of that natural oil in it andl then iievvn add oil like moroccan oil. >> i know. big these days. your hair and it's lightweight. ú% so your hair is one way. what is another way? >> another way is your teeth. as you get older, your teeth3 start to yellow. you want to make sure you're doing something and this you caú do in like 1 minnte a day, which
8:35 am
is colgate has pro clinical which has a daily whitening toothpaste.3 you're brushing your teeth anyway so youumight as well use white ening your teeth. by the time you go through the tube you have a whither and3 brighter style. it's associated with yooth and important withhbeing friendly >> thht'' two tips. thrre to go. >> your skin when you go outside, don't slather on the sunscreen right away. wait 20 minutes. doctors say that we're low onú food, yyur nutrition is. going to show up on your skin. you want to make sure you'reú getting the essential fatty acids that you need so your 61
8:36 am
you are deprived of those. i use notherl oil, and it ivee body can't make on its own. >> the last tip and don'' wear women as they get older,,theyy3 start putting it on and there's too much foundation and powder and glimmery makeup. it's gging to settle into the fine lines nd wrinkles and exacerbate them. use moisturizing formulas and colorss ike pinks and peaches and corrrl tones and it's goingú ú% make you look younger and you won't haveeso much cakey makeup on. ♪ summer runs on dunkin', arf! so stay cool with an icy dunkin' donuts coolatta or a delicious authentic iced latte. grab yours today for just $1.99.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
-p oh, >> do i even need to say ore. thoss are all the toppings thht cold stone creamery have brought with them oday. they're make ice cream andú talking about the nee flavors they're bringing in this first day of summer. i drool and wipe myymouth and toss over to steve fertig. hhw do you turn group f adults intt a group of 5 years old. >> bring in ice cream.ú >> it's so funny because i ass cold stone every day on the way home. - can always stop in, butt3 something about them coming here. >> you can't beat delivery. cream. sky watch hd aid rather, it will be a hot one today and icc
8:40 am
cream type weether. as we move through the week itú will become even more so as the humidity increases. you will want to stay cooll you will see plenty of sunshine and we're at 80 degreee already, partly cloudy skiee, a variable wind at 6 miles per hour and 64% relative humidity. that is immortant as the be as oppressive today with thet noarl flow.wn becauss of the -- northerly flow. tomorrow everything changes. that will make it humid and he temperatures not as comfootable. 68 nice and cool but comfortable in oakland in the higher elevations where it typically would be cooler. you see the frontal boundary moving through but nnt ithout a lot of moisture bringing us a lot of air, not cooler but driee and more comfortaale so we will feel relatively coooer compared to tomorrow when we get more of the influence. that humidity brings us a chance
8:41 am
of ssowers and thunderstorms as well as comfort for the afternoon. you can ee we have a ccance of showers and thunderstorms also %-at 8:00 at night for the prime time to the central counties to get involved. we're going to stay with the warm, humid air all eekend long. thaa means the temperatures tay in the 90s and the heatwave continues all eek. it may continue through much of next week, too. closer. 88 degrees is what we get today for the hhgh temperature in the northeastern ssore. ú%enny of sunshine. it will look real pretty and it will sttll be as hot but not asú humid as i repeat for today. outside. 91 degrees and again, a lot of sunshine with the northerly influence and that art good,,3 but the hot temperatures are ooange air quality today. elevated and you will want to -educe your exposure. 58 forrthe overniggt low. fairly mild and 92 degrees
8:42 am
tomorrow, 94 on wednesday, 93 on -hursday all with afternoon showers or thunderstooms posssble. 90 degrees on friday with mostly sunny skies and partly cloudy with saaurday and sunday with temperature near 90 degrees still. fox 45 sky watch eather is avaalable aa your finger tips. iradar issvaib at available at the interactive tools will let you know when rain or thunderstorms will be over your -ooss. go to and click on iradar. now candace dold ii back with a final look this morning at the traffic edge. ú%ndace. >> reporter: thank you, steve we are indeed wrapping things up -or you out there. on the roadways, ttings are starting to look better. on the jfx and 63 miles per hour traveling bolt wwyythat is that's the good ews of it alll let's talk about whhttis happening and in howard county, %-accident on the eastbound lans itts right at stone river parkway. the activity is on the shoulder but you will still want to use
8:43 am
route 32 to avoid any of that activity scooting through the area. on route 100 we have our fair share of vollme on the3 northbound stretch up ttward the beltway. it thins out a bit traveling through baltimore and near thee3 toward the northeaat corridor. as for the beltwaa, check it ut moving at harford county, and only a few cars travellig outer loop all the wwy down toward 83. that's a look at the morning travels, patrice, back overrto you. thank you, candace. this toasty start to summer. how you can win a new movie on dvd. next cool down the great
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
it's the first day of ummer and boy does it eem it's going -hat a better way to cool downn3 anddbeat the heat with us a treat. cold ssone creamery is here to tell us about the newwflavors. >> hi, whitney. >> how areeyou some. >> i'm great. ú%i brought health because not only do we have one new fllvor, we aatually have thhee new first day of summer, what a better way to starttthe summer flavors. >> absoluuabsolutely.ú >> do you alwaas have fruity flavors. ú% we always have strawberry and the traaitional flavors of ice cream but we mix it had up with the goldtone promotion. >> what is that. >> very monthhwe try to roll innovative. right now we have peach ice cream and bluuberry which we had before and brought it back3
8:47 am
because everybody loved it. one thhng we haven't trred before is key lime. if youu ike the key lime pie, we can make it into ice crram. p> and what these guus are going to do is make one. signature creations. terry is going to be the blueberry ice cream. ú%eam ith blueberries and going to mix graham cracker crust into it, blueberriessand whipped cream. and we are going to start with ú%e key lime. >> this is the small order,úú% right? >> we don't do anything on the small side. so look, we mix it altogether. you so you can get a little bit of everything in every bite. p> we don't have a lot of time. waa with the key lime. what she is going o make is a
8:48 am
key tt my heartt this is interesting, it's a key lime ice cream with graham craaker pie crust. fresh raspberries nd whipped ice cream. >> wow. >> that is a new twist on the key limm iceecream. >> and if you want something else, you still have the others. >> if somebody comes in and says i want to keep it super traditional, i don't want to3 rrspberries in there. we can keep super traditionnl or ú% crazy and ay iwant chocolate chiissin that one.. >> when you go to cold stone creamery, you don't only get ice too. >> are you guys ready. >> what do you get. >> take it away, ggys. >> come on. >> take it aaay. >> thank you for your trip todaa, ♪ ♪ thank you for your trip today ♪ we hope you like our song >> you don't hhve toodo a tip.
8:49 am
if anybody wants to come in and hear a song for us just come baltimore. -ou can check us out t cold >> reporter: for more information log on to the ddg days of for how you can
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
when the mother of free lance phottgrapher phil polidano died, he was eft with the responsibility of take care of his father who has demmntia. ú%th his father gone now, phil was remembering his father in honoo of father's day yesterday and the release of his new book >> it's a story about love and that's all ittis! ♪ ♪ my mother died about 3 1/2 years ago and it was all very sudden hing. i find myself in charre of my father ann taking care of my father's life. she had been sort of shielding me from my father's condition. heehad some ffrm of dementia.
8:53 am
he basscally had no short-term %-for the first year i didn't tú any photographs. after a while i realized that t was important for me to remember %-remembering the things heewasd saying to me. he had n ncredible sense of humor and he had a way of playing with words that was extraordinary for someone who had no kind of short-term memory. alsoomy mom's death my dad would say, where is your mom? she s dead.ú we went to the funeeal. he woul would look at me with sh shock and horror. it was incredibly painful tt tell him that aad to see hhs horror each and every time. yoo have to go what whatever they happen to be believing at the time, otherwise it's much too painful for everyone. you have to do it with a sense of humor. going, was my sense of humor and
8:54 am
my dad's sense of humor. we had to laugh at everything, otherwise it was too hard..3 to spend 3 1/2 years with someone, it was really hard, i ú%an, am his son and i had to take care of him. there was no choice for me. it was a thing i had to do. %-wws an incredible joy at tiie3 and it was a gift aa well at times. i think overaal it was a reall33 gift because i got to say goodbye to my father in a wayúúo %-i mean, e as witt him all night the nighh he died. about a year and a half ago i ú%bsite. i didn't that anybody would be
8:55 am
interested in my story because ii was so intenseey personal. i doo't really know why i put it on the website. i sort of did it for me and then it just -- it becameettis kind of amazing beautiful thing in the sense thatttoday over a million people have been to the incredible and beautiful personal e-mails. it's been an extraordinary exxerience for me. i didn't want days of my father, it's not a story of old age or living with demmntia. it's not a story of waiting my father to die. story but it's a story of me spending time with my father and his love for me and my love for him. and all of the other stuff is in there and it's a part of it. but that is really ll it is. >> wow! that's a beautiful photograph. >> every valuable ay you have. >> every moment. p> i know it was hard for him
8:56 am
gging through those three years3 but years down the line, he will be able to look at those times and what he documented and that is going to mean o much to him. >> did youuhave good ather'' day yesterday? >> did i. >> i made the hone call. >> absolutely. >> i will see him soon hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. they have been so helpful and supportive during this time. maybe i should give them a call. i really could use some more life insurance. is it affordable? it costs less t that's pretty affordable, huh? less than 35 cents a day? that's less than the cost of a postage stamp. so, you said it was guaranteed acceptance? yes. it's permanent coverage with guaranteed acceptance
8:57 am
for people ages 50 to 85. there's no medical exam or health questions. you can't be turned down because of your health. it fit right into mom's budget and gave her added peace of mind. you should give them a call or look them up online at i definitely could use more coverage. i think i will give them a call. man: are you between the ages of 50 and 85? or know someone who is? do you think that quality insurance at an affordable rate is out of your reach? for less than 35 cents a day, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program. you cannot be turned down because of your health. there are no health questions or medical exam. your rate will never go up, and your benefit will never go down due to age-- guaranteed! these days, the average cost of a funeral is over $7300, and social security pays a death benefit of just $255. don't leave a burden for your loved ones. since 1994, over 6 million people have called about this quality insurance.
8:58 am
there's no risk or obligation. call about the colonial penn program now. you'll be glad you did. it's a hot day of suumer. >> hot and ice cream type weather..3 cold stone creamy want you to know that they have fruit ice cream pies, peach. >> key lime. >> and blueberry. >> i didnnt get you a fork or a kkife. >> youujust dig in. >> don't do that [[laughter ] >> eather wise, we're looking attaahht daa today but the much oo a factor today as it's going to be the rest of the week. 92 degrres for the high,
8:59 am
tomorrow 99, and snrm thunderst3 for wednesday and thursday 94 ann 93. friday, saturday and sunday with a hix of sumix of ssn ann cloud. p> this ice cream willlcooo us off. >> we will have to have oneeeach day? >> if you are looking to revisit a movie from the ppst and boy do we mean bb the past? show girrs is being re-releassd. we have a dvd ccmbo pack. you it win one if you're the 4th or 5th caller on the (410)481-4445.


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